Here are some links to websites I have found and still find very useful for Irish flute, pennywhistle, and Irish Traditional Music information.


An excellent overall guide about how to play Irish flute, where and from whom to buy Irish flutes, interviews with great Irish flute players, etc.

Irish Flute Guide


A great site with the best forums on the internet specifically for Irish flute and Pennywhistle.

Chiff and Fipple


One of the key sites for information about Irish Traditional Music, Irish sessions around the world, and a tunes database.

The Session


Casey Burns, a flute maker in Washington state, is the man who makes the Irish flutes I play. Great maker, great guy. Highly recommended.

Casey Burns Irish Flutes


Here’s a reputable on-line source to purchase new and previously owned Irish flutes and whistles from a great Irish fluter in Colorado, Blayne Chastain.

The Irish Flute Store


My home for Irish Traditional Music. Session every Sunday night in Berkeley, CA.

The Starry Plough, Berkeley Irish Session


The top venue in Northern California / San Francisco Bay Area for Irish sessions on Sunday and Tuesday nights, as well as concerts by well-known Irish musicians.

The Plough and the Stars, San Francisco Pub


Lark in the Morning Music Camp–an amazing place to go for all sorts of World Music acoustic musicians and dancers. Just east of Mendocino in the Mendocino Woodlands. I had the honor of being an Irish flute teacher there this year. Like a Shangri-La of music.

Lark Camp